Ohio's employers are asking what they should do about the opioid problem in their own workplaces. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce convened a task force to explore the options. One recommendation coming out of the task force was for employers to be armed with a toolkit of resources to be better prepared to prevent and respond to the problem. With the help and expertise of a member company, Working Partners®, and financial support from member company, Anthem, we have developed the Opioid Toolkit containing several resources free of charge to any company that is doing business in Ohio.

Contents of the ToolKit Include

For Employers:
Online Course: Dose of Reality for EMPLOYERS

Additional Resources:
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Sharing SolutionsOhio Co-Rx/Naloxone program

Again, thank you to our member companies who helped make this project happen:

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For Employers

Updated June 2024 with new modules!

ONLINE COURSE: A Dose of Reality for Employers - A toolkit to help mitigate the risks associated with Ohio’s Opioid crisis. 

This 8-module course gives an overview of the legal and operational issues an employer must consider in dealing with an employee’s use of opioids and other substances. In May 2021, we added 3 new modules that focusing on employee recovery. The modules include best practices around how, when and why to drug test; how to handle a situation if the employee confesses or is discovered to be using harmful substances; and much more. Although each module contains valuable information, it is not necessary that they be watched in order or in their entirety.

Module One

The Impact of Opioids in the Workplace: It's NOT business as usual(approx. 16 minutes)

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Module Two

Legally-Sound Drug-Free Workplace Program: What am I allowed (or not allowed) to do? (approx. 16 minutes)

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Module Three

Crafting a Policy That's Right for YOUR Business Operation and Culture (approx. 15 minutes)

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Module Four

The Why, When & How of Workplace Drug Testing (approx. 13 minutes)

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Module Five

Responding to an Employee's Harmful Use of Drugs (approx. 13 minutes)

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Module 6

Building a Healthy & Productive Workforce by Supporting Employees in Recovery (approx. 30 minutes)

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Module 7

Employees - Navigating My Recovery at Work (Approx. 30 minutes)

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Module 8

A Dose of Reality - Being a Safe & Critical Consumer of Prescription Medications

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Additional Resources:

Sharing Solutions

We have partnered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation to provide the Sharing Solutions online resource hub. This is an online portal that empowers businesses across the country to help combat the opioid crisis. For more information, additional resources and to learn how to share your business's story, please visit sharingsolutions.us.


Ohio Opioid Education Alliance: No one should live in Denial, Ohio. This alliance works together to end the opioid crisis by providing free information to help prevent the next generation from abusing prescription opioids. Click here to learn more.

Drug-Free Workplace Resource Library: Articles written by Ohio Chamber member Working Partners on drug-free workplaces are all archived for your use here.


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