Political Action Committee

OCCPAC unifies and strengthens the voice of business in politics

By supporting OCCPAC, you are joining with other business leaders in demonstrating to candidates for public office that the business community in Ohio is actively engaged in the political process and willing to hold public officials accountable for their decisions.

OCCPAC directs resources to candidates who can make a difference

The sole purpose of OCCPAC is to support candidates who demonstrate their commitment to strengthening Ohio’s economic climate. Contributing to OCCPAC gives you an effective way to actively support these candidates. Many PACs spread their contributions among numerous candidates and give significant amount to legislative leaders and other “safe” incumbents. OCCPAC seeks to make a difference by giving primarily to individuals in competitive elections.

OCCPAC has helped:

  • Create a new majority on the Ohio Supreme Court that understands and respects the proper role of the judiciary.
  • Elect dozens of members of the Ohio General Assembly who champion free enterprise and pro-growth policies for the benefit of Ohioans.
For more information, contact Adam Rapien

34 S Third St., Suite 100 Columbus, OH 43215 | 614-228-4201