Room Rental

Unlock the perfect setting for your business events or meetings at the Ohio Chamber of Commerce

Available Rooms for Rent

The Ohio Chamber has 2 conference rooms available open for rental to both Chamber members and non-members. Chamber members enjoy complimentary room bookings, while non-members can reserve at $500 for half a day or $1000 for a full day. All proceeds support the Ohio Research Foundation.

We are glad to offer you our conference room space, should it be available, but please be aware that we are not a fully-staffed conference facility so you will be responsible for services associated with your meetings as well as room set-up, tear-down, and clean-up. Please let us know your A/V needs when scheduling use of the rooms or in advance of the meeting so that we can make sure that all needs can be accommodated.

Please contact Mikayla Bisson with any questions regarding room rentals at (614) 228-4201 or

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Executive Conference Room

Capacity: 16

  • Located on east side of the first floor.
  • The conference room seats 14-16 people.
  • There is a TV for projections, an in-room conferencing system, and a USB pan-tilt-zoom camera. Your laptop can be connected through an HDMI cord (please provide any adapters you may need) or you can bring materials on a flash-drive.
  • Glass whiteboards are located on each side of the room.
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Large Conference Room

Capacity: 148

  • Located centrally on the first floor; can be split into 1/3 and 2/3 sizes.
  • This room can hold up to 60 people at table rows, 44 people at table squares, or 80 people arranged theater style.
  • This room has built-in projectors and screens that can be combined or separated based on the room set up. Wireless microphones are available for use in the room as well as through an in-room conferencing system. Your laptop can be connected through an HDMI cord (please provide any adapters you may need) or you can bring materials on a flash-drive.
  • Glass whiteboards are located on each side of the room.
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Coffee & Lobby Space

Capacity: 85

On the first floor, outside of the conference rooms, there is a gathering area with round table seating, harvest table seating, and booth seating. Additionally, there are two serving insets available for setting out food and beverages based on the size of your meeting and availability of the space. Please include this in your request if you plan to use the space.


Our office hours are 8:30AM-5:00PM, Monday through Friday, with the exception of federal holidays. Guests will need to be let in manually or through our doorbell system. It is very difficult to accommodate meetings outside of our normal business hours.


  • There are plenty of public parking options located near our downtown office.
  • There are also a number of parking meters in front of the building and on surrounding streets.

Table/Chair Set-Up

Each conference room has its own tables and chairs, all on wheels and able to be nested. You may move them within the space to meet your needs; however, if you do so, please move them back to their original set-up before leaving.

Other Services

Copying, printing, and faxing services are not available. Computers, paper, pens, and other office supplies are not available. Access to our wireless network is available. There are network information cards in each of our conference rooms and in the gathering spaces outside of the conference rooms.

Food and Beverages

You are responsible for providing your own food and beverages. If you need advice on a caterer to use, we would be glad to provide you with a list of several who are familiar with our facility; however, you may use any catering service you prefer. You are responsible for cleaning up and throwing away any trash that you have accumulated during your meeting. Cleaning wipes and other cleaning supplies will be provided.


34 S Third St., Suite 100 Columbus, OH 43215 | 614-228-4201