Mental Health Resources for Employers

The workplace can be an important location for support designed to improve well-being among adults. Workplace wellness programs can identify those at risk, connect them to treatment, and put in place support to help people reduce and manage stress. Investing in mental health and safety is critical to building solid workplaces, a strong workforce, and strong communities.

Click on the resource guide below for information on how employers can prevent suicide and promote positive mental wellness in the workplace.

Visit the OSPF website for additional trainings, resources, and materials that employers and employees can utilize in their workplace.

This toolkit was created by the Ohio Department of Insurance and is designed to help employers and employees promote mental health in the workplace and provide helpful information on navigating mental health and substance use disorder insurance benefits.

In order to promote mental health in the workplace, we must empower employees with the necessary tools to help them achieve mental health wellness success. Today's workforce is under unique pressure, and that pressure can lead to anxiety, feelings of instability, withdrawal, and the possible need for counseling and care. Difficulty accessing the life-saving mental health care they need or even not being aware of the mental health care options available to them can have detrimental consequences. Even employees with access to care suffer from stigma and a lack of options.

Click on the toolkit below to learn more about promoting mental health in the workplace and for more information on resources available to employers and employees.


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