Chamber Champions

They champion free enterprise.
We all champion a stronger economic climate.
We’re all for Ohio.

The Champion Program is for those companies that are interested in being viewed as leaders within the Ohio business community. The program will continue supporting the work of the Ohio Chamber’s excellent advocacy and investor benefits. Through the Champion program, the Ohio Chamber will expand three areas crucial to Ohio businesses:

RESEARCH. The Ohio Chamber must be able to equip Ohio Business and the Ohio Legislature with solid research, aiding both in making sound decisions that will benefit Ohio’s economy.

GRASSROOTS. Expanding grassroots efforts, the Ohio Chamber has been able to build on an already solid program, allowing swift action when faced with important legislative issues – mobilizing local business leaders to advocate to their legislators on behalf of Ohio business.

INITIATIVES. The Ohio Chamber continues to defend business against ballot initiatives. By garnering the necessary resources, the business community can be prepared for whatever issues anti-business interest groups propose. At the appropriate time, the Ohio Chamber would like to propose a ballot initiative to protect the Ohio Constitution by requiring a more sensible signature gathering process to get an issue on the ballot and/or requiring a 3/5 super majority for passage.


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