Tax & Public Expenditures


To foster a fair and equitable tax system that stimulates growth, innovation, and job creation; and minimizes compliance costs and administrative burdens.

For more information on the Ohio Chamber’s stances on tax and spending issues or how to join the committee, please contact Tony Long.


  • Repeal the existing sales tax on employment services.
  • Modernize and clarify the rules regarding what constitutes electronic information services and their sales and use tax treatment.
  • Reform the taxation of pass-through entities, including withholding requirements, and revise Ohio law to address federal tax law changes pertaining to the auditing of partnerships..
  • Maintain the current, reasonable commercial activity tax rate, minimize tax expenditures and resist bifurcating the rate.
  • Support efforts to ensure adequate and reliable funding for Ohio’s transportation system.
  • Prohibit municipalities from retaliating against companies that seek to take advantage of the new option to file just one municipal net profit tax return.
  • Enhance newly-created Opportunity Zones by incentivizing their use in order to drive investment opportunities to Ohio.
  • Support research and development incentives in next generation technologies consistent with the Ohio BOLD recommendations.
  • Work to improve the tax review process to ensure an efficient and fair tax system.

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