Ohio Small Business Council


To promote and protect the establishment, growth and vitality of small business in Ohio. Members of the Ohio Small Business Council (OSBC) learn how to be an advocate for their business and voice their concerns directly to Ohio’s decision makers. Participation in OSBC is limited to individuals representing a for-profit business that employs fewer than 400 directly supervised persons. Small business owners and managers are especially encouraged to join this committee.

For more information on the Ohio Small Business Council, contact Kevin Boehner.


  • Retain the Small Business Income Tax Deduction.
  • Advocate for responsible, increased price transparency for health care services.
  • Oppose policies such as health care mandates that contribute to the rising costs of health care.
  • Address and work to reduce the regulatory impact of existing statutes as well as future legislation.
  • Expand the scope of responsibilities assigned to the Common Sense Initiative.
  • Preserve the Governor’s Small Business Advisory Council and advocate for direct OSBC involvement on the council.
  • Explore options to lower workers’ compensation costs for employers.

34 S Third St., Suite 100 Columbus, OH 43215 | 614-228-4201