Public Affairs


To monitor and evaluate public affairs issues and activities including elections, campaign finance, ethics and lobbyist regulations, when of interest to the business community; and to examine proposed state constitutional amendments or initiative petition efforts that affect the electoral process.

For more information on the Ohio Chamber’s stances on public affairs issues or how to join the committee, please contact Candace Frank.


  • Proactively battle ballot initiatives proposed by anti-business special interest groups.
  • Safeguard the Ohio Constitution by requiring broader public support for proposed amendments.
  • Clarify and reinforce laws governing the ballot issue petition process.
  • Preserve the First Amendment right of businesses to unrestricted political advocacy.
  • Identify, encourage, endorse and support pro-business candidates for the General Assembly.
  • Lead the business community in monitoring judicial decisions and engaging in judicial elections and educate the public about the role and importance of the judiciary.
  • Enhance awareness of the Ohio Chamber's General Assembly voting record, the Free Enterprise Index.

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