Energy & Environment


To ensure environmental policies and regulations are both based on sound science and comprehensive information and avoid creating unnecessary red tape.

For more information on the Ohio Chamber’s stances on energy and environment issues or how to join the committee, please contact Candace Frank.


  • Continue to oppose all efforts that grant nature or specific ecosystems with judicially enforceable legal rights.
  • Support remediation of brownfield properties and redevelopment of those properties to support economic development.
  • Work with the U.S. Chamber to protect against costly federal environmental regulations and make sure state regulations are no more stringent than their federal counterpoints.
  • Support comprehensive reforms to Ohio's energy policy that both balances a diverse portfolio of energy sources and provides for reliable, affordable sources of energy.
  • Remove barriers to entry and push back against new barriers to entry for all energy sources.
  • Work with a broad coalition to find investment for upgrades to the electrical delivery system, often referred to as the “grid.”
  • Improve access to natural gas in constrained areas to support current needs and future growth.

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