Energy & Environment


To advocate for energy policies that promote Ohio’s economic competitiveness and protect businesses’ access to affordable, dependable energy and ensure environmental policies and regulations are both based on sound science and comprehensive information and avoid creating unnecessary red tape.

For more information on the Ohio Chamber’s stances on energy and environment issues or how to join the committee, please contact Stephanie Kromer.


  • Protect businesses form the escalating costs of energy efficiency mandates while advocating for market determination of cost-effective utility energy efficiency and demand-side management programs.
  • Ensure Ohio EPA programs are no more stringent than their federal counterparts, achieve standards without being overly burdensome, are cost-effective, and can be applied in real-world settings.
  • Monitor federal and state activity on greenhouse gas emission controls, including participation in US EPA rule-making activity on the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) proposal.
  • Advocate for prudent, necessary and cost-effective investments in energy infrastructure and expand access to all forms of Ohio’s energy resources.
  • Work to ensure water quality legislation or regulatory actions are not overly burdensome on industry and are based on sound science.
  • Support incentives for remediation of brownfield properties and redevelopment of those properties to support economic development, in addition to environmental benefits.
  • Ensure that Ohio EPA funding and other environmental budgets are sustainable and that any free or user fee increases are necessary and appropriate.

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