Education & Workforce Development


To respond to the needs of Ohio employers for qualified, well-trained employees by promoting policies that meet the demands of today’s workplace by pursuing strategies that link education and workforce development in a seamless system and embed skills-based learning into academic instruction.

For more information on the Ohio Chamber’s stances on education and workforce development or how to join the committee, please contact Kevin Boehner.


  • Pursue programs aimed at keeping the best and brightest in Ohio.
  • Advocate for one semester course in financial literacy as a requirement for high school graduation.
  • Identify solutions to address the “benefits cliff.”.
  • Incentivize Ohio businesses to hire recovering addicts.
  • Support efforts for better alignment among state agencies responsible for workforce initiatives and streamline existing workforce programs.
  • Strengthen school district Business Advisory Councils to assist in building a stronger relationship with local employers.
  • Support Ohio BOLD workforce recommendations to develop and attract talent to the four innovation platforms.

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