Health Insurance

In listening to our members, one of the common concerns we hear is the rising cost of health care. Because of this, we have sought ways to bring down these costs.

We are confident we can help your business decrease health care costs while keeping your employees happy with your choice of health care coverage.

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce Lifestyle Health Plans as a unique health benefits program designed to address the underlying cause of the rise of health care costs – employee health behaviors.

Key Facts:

  • Currently showing premium savings averaging 5-15 percent in most cases
  • Integrated wellness incentives and cash-rewards
  • Integrated concierge telemedicine, outpatient lab and diabetic supply benefits
  • Up to a $500 deductible credit available to all wellness participants
  • Underwritten by “A” rated carriers

For more info contact Scott Colby or 614-228-4201.

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