Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


The Ohio Chamber of Commerce DEI Committee shall fulfill the tenets of the DEI Statement. The DEI Committee shall be comprised of OCC-member companies and the OCC’s DEI Director. The DEI Committee shall meet 3 times a year or more often at the discretion of the Chair who shall be a member of the OCC Board of Trustees. The DEI Committee shall review and advise the OCC’s DEI policies, data, events, and materials.

For more information on how to join the committee, please contact Eric H. Kearney.


The Ohio Chamber of Commerce has adopted the following DEI Statement:

At the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, we believe that diverse voices and experiences make for a stronger, more competitive, and better Ohio economy. We support and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the work we do. To that end, we will transparently share our DEI journey, assist our members in their DEI journey, and convene Ohio’s business community’s DEI journey. In accordance with our values, we will seek and celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion in our team, our board, our suppliers, and our community engagement.


  • Support the continuation of the Diversity & Inclusion Technology Internship Program.
  • Promote generational wealth building initiatives, particularly those that increase home ownership or provide affordable rent.
  • Improve and enhance health delivery systems that eliminate health disparities by race and increase access to care.
  • Support funding efforts to grow venture capital and provide equity investment in Ohio-based firms, with a set aside of funds specializing in backing minority-owned businesses.
  • Advocate for, and advertise, minority business development centers.
  • Improve educational opportunities for the incarcerated.
  • Develop entrepreneurial programs for reformed citizens.
  • Reform occupational licensing restrictions and eliminate unnecessary occupational licenses.
  • Encourage "Fair Chance" hiring and "Clean Slate" reforms.

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