The One Card from the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Bank is a single, flexible solution that members can use to cut costs, manage vendor payments and operate more efficiently.

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The Proven Value of Corporate Cards

Corporate cards provide greater visibility into expenses, reduce costs and streamline the payment process. But corporate cards can also offer rewards that can be kept by either the employee or the organization.

For employees who travel, allowing them to keep corporate card program reward points can be the perfect way to recognize their extra efforts – particularly when it comes to the time they may spend away from their family. Allowing employees to accrue airline miles for travel, sleep vouchers for hotel stays and points for their purchases is a simple and cost-effective way to reward employees and help keep them engaged in their work.

For other employees, however, paying business expenses out-of-pocket can be difficult. Coupled with the time it takes for an organization to process reimbursements, paying business expenses with a personal card can be a financial hardship. A less visible yet important benefit of providing corporate cards to employees is the message that it sends. Removing the need for an employee to pay for business expenses out-of-pocket shows the employee that the company cares about them.

The majority of workers who receive employee perks say that these benefits improve their lives. Nearly half (49%) say that receiving these benefits means they know that their employers are invested in them as individuals.*

How to Evaluate Corporate Card Rewards

For some organizations, it makes more sense to keep the rewards earned from their corporate card programs. Other organizations may choose to pool reward points and use them internally for office supplies and business services or to offset future T&E expenses.

Organizations may also choose to trade reward points for merchandise or gift cards to thank clients or reward employees, electing to use these more tangible items in their overall employee incentive program. Regardless of the option, rewards from a corporate card program can play a valuable role in an organization’s employee engagement strategy.

When it comes to corporate card reward programs, assess which ones provide for a rewarding experience for both your business and your employees as well as the redemption value of the rewards. It comes down to evaluating which types of rewards are most motivating for your employees, the value of the rewards and finding a system that fits your organization’s unique needs.

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