The One Card from the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Bank is a single, flexible solution that members can use to cut costs, manage vendor payments and operate more efficiently.

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Goals? Your organization has them and we’re here to help you reach them. As a strategic partner with the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, we offer a full suite of payment products and services designed to give you the flexibility and choice needed to reach your business goals. Not only do our solutions meet a wide range of payment needs, but many also integrate with your existing systems, reduce fraud risk and help create additional rebate opportunity.

U.S. Bank One Card combines travel, purchasing and fleet management in a single, integrated payment solution that reduces costs and increases efficiencies. You get the control and insight into spending you need, while providing your cardholders the flexibility they want.

  • Put policy into play at the point of sale with flexible spending controls. You can customize your program with set spending limits, merchant category code authorizations and other criteria that help keep costs under control.
  • Earn preferred annual cash rebates with an annual net charge volume of $2 million.
  • Save time, money and resources with more efficient payment processes and increase revenue potential by shifting more payments to your U.S. Bank One Card program.
  • Add the optional U.S. Bank FlexPerks® Corporate Rewards program* to your One Card program and give your organization and employees a powerful incentive to consolidate spending – all while improving overall expense management and control.

If you’re currently using checks, a small-business card or personal cards for expenses, now’s the time to make the switch and take advantage of preferred member pricing.

U.S. Bank Virtual Pay extends the value of your U.S. Bank One Card program. Replace checks with highly secure virtual credit card payments to your suppliers – especially for purchases requiring higher control requirements. Payments made with Virtual Pay are coded for an exact amount to a specific supplier and are active for a set time. Once processed, the account number deactivates and can’t be used again, or the account limit resets to $0 and locks making Virtual Pay an extremely secure payment option. As with our One Card, Virtual Pay can help you increase efficiency, simplify reconciliation for you and your suppliers, cut costs and create additional rebate opportunities.

U.S. Bank Instant Card® allows you to extend your corporate purchasing power to individuals who don’t have a corporate card. Any time anyone in your organization needs to make a business purchase and doesn’t have a corporate credit card – like job candidates, contractors, volunteers or infrequent travelers – consider sending them an Instant Card instead. Using the Instant Card app, you can easily provision and send an Instant Card to recipients for immediate use for online or in person business purchases.

TravelBank provides a unique, all-in-one expense management, travel booking and card management solution that can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs. By seamlessly integrating your U.S. Bank commercial card program with TravelBank’s business travel and expense management platform, all your data is synced in one location. You gain more control and real-time insight into all expenses. You also benefit from streamlined financial processes which can have a big impact on your organization’s bottom line. And, as an added benefit, if you use the TravelBank solution and pay for travel-related expenses with your One Card or Instant Card, you can earn an additional 1% rebate.

You have lots of choices when it comes to your payments partner. We hope you chose U.S. Bank. Contact John Hammond at 216-548-3190 or to get started or, to learn more about our comprehensive suite of payment solutions, read our overview.

*Spend of $10 million or more required for enrollment in optional rewards program.

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