Our Services

Option 1: Full-Service Association Management

Administer All Day-to-Day Activities

  • Email Communications
  • Phone and voicemail management
  • Database management including updating email addresses
  • Mail services
  • Maintenance of association records
  • Processing applications of new members and renewals
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Event Planning and Execution

  • Led by the Ohio Chamberā€™s Director of Events
  • Events Director will coordinate and manage all aspects of an event including:
    • Location and vendor selection
    • Outreach to speakers
    • Registration and ticket sales
    • Event set-up and day of operations
  • Ohio Chamber External Relations Directors (4) will solicit sponsors for each event
    • 35% commission charged on all sponsorship revenue derived from new sponsors
  • Ohio Chamber marketing team will produce invites and flyers for events and craft emails to be sent to target audience requesting registration

Membership Services

  • Management of billing, collection, record keeping, and depositing dues owed to the association
  • Management of invoicing for existing association members as part of annual membership drive
  • Management of annual new member campaign soliciting industry specific employers in Ohio who are not current members
  • Access to the Ohio Chamberā€™s Director of Member Engagement who will provide member retention services in coordination with the associationā€™s Executive Director
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Membership Growth

  • Led by the Ohio Chamberā€™s CEO & Senior Vice-President of External Affairs and Strategic Initiatives
  • Creation of a personalized outreach plan to increase the number of association members
  • Development of a strategic plan in coordination with association Board on how to expand the scope of the associationā€™s mission to drive revenue, influence, and impact
  • Including a Strategic Planning Board Retreat

Marketing & Website Services

  • Led by the Ohio Chamberā€™s communications team
  • Crafting and sending welcome letters to new members, monthly e-newsletter, and special alerts as needed to association members
  • Maintaining, updating, and managing association website to assure the website reflects the professional image of the association
  • Access to Ohio Chamber database of attorneys, HR professionals, and Ohio Chamber members

Additional Services & Benefits

  • Complimentary access to Ohio Chamberā€™s conference room space
    • 1 large conference room with seating for up to 75 people
    • 1 executive conference room with seating for up to 12 people
    • 2 meeting rooms with seating for up to 12 people
  • Board Meeting Services
    • Preparation of all necessary materials for each Board meeting
    • Taking of meeting minutes at each Board meeting to be shared with Board members and other members in accordance with association policy
  • Attorney-Client Relationship
    • The association and Kevin Shimp can agree to enter into an attorney-client relationship which would make some communications confidential and/or privileged by law.
  • Other Duties as Needed
    • We will be available to perform other duties on an as needed basis to assure the proper functioning of the association.

Option 2: Full-Service Association Management with Lobbying

Full-Service Association Management with Lobbying Lobbying and Government Affairs Services

  • Monitoring legislation and active lobbying on association priorities
  • Monthly reports on legislation impacting industry specific matters
  • Scheduling lunches/dinners for association Board members with lawmakers and public officials
  • Scheduling meetings for association Board members with lawmakers
  • Filing 1 amicus brief every 12 months at no additional cost

Drafting testimony and testifying on industry specific legislation


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