Political & Grassroots Engagements



Political Participation

The Ohio Chamber maintains a political presence to ensure a positive business climate in our state. We work to recruit, endorse, and help elect pro-business candidates to the state legislature to further help our advocacy efforts at the Statehouse. By working to elect pro-business candidates to office, the Ohio Chamber is better positioned to initiate legislation that positively impacts the state’s business climate. We are also involved in statewide ballot issues that impact the business community.

OCCPAC General Election Report Part 1 - As of November 4, 2020

Grassroots Advocacy

The Ohio Chamber works to find, educate and empower pro-business advocates to take action, and champion a business friendly climate throughout the state of Ohio. On important legislative issues we will ask our members through our Action Alert updates to contact their state legislators to advocate for or against a specific piece of legislation.

2019 Advocacy & Engagement Priorities

To accomplish our public policy objectives, lawmakers must understand how their decisions may impact Ohio employers. As the state's leading business advocate, the Ohio Chamber has a team of issue experts who work daily at the Statehouse to protect and advance the interests of Ohio employers. However, that's not sufficient. Lawmakers need to hear from member companies. They too must be engaged to share their real-world perspective. That's why we will be providing an array of opportunities for members to take action.

  • Develop and implement political education and grassroots strategies that complement direct lobbying efforts.
  • Identify, encourage, endorse and support pro-business candidates for the General Assembly.
  • Lead the business community in monitoring judicial decisions and engaging in judicial elections and educate the public about the role and importance of the judiciary.
  • Enhance awareness of the Ohio Chamber's General Assembly voting record, the Free Enterprise Index.

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