Labor & Employment


To protect employers’ rights to manage their workplace with limited governmental involvement and regulation and to simplify Ohio’s employment law statutes in a way that’s fair to both employers and employees.

For more information on the Ohio Chamber’s stances on human resources and labor issues and how to join the committee, please contact Keith Lake.

GOALS FOR 17-18:

  • Protect employers against rising unemployment compensation taxes by addressing the long-term solvency of the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund.
  • Restore balance and predictability for employers by conforming Ohio’s employment discrimination law to federal employment discrimination statutes.
  • Preserve employers’ right to choose for themselves whether to prohibit or allow the carrying of concealed handguns onto any part of their property.
  • Protect employers’ ability to regulate their workplace and maintain sound human resource policies in regards to medical marijuana.
  • Support efforts to balance labor regulations, end the NLRB regulatory overreach, and protect employers’ rights at the federal level.
  • Maintain employers’ ability to have efficient and effective workplaces by defending against onerous government mandates that drive up labor costs.
  • Continue to stress the need to ultimately make Ohio a right-to-work state.